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Majestic Radiance

When the soldiers approached Jesus, they thought they were coming to arrest some no-good criminal. Their perspective was based on what they were instructed to do. Those that gave instruction did so based on what they heard from other people. They clearly did not know Jesus, otherwise, they would have known He was the son of God.

It says in John 18:6, When Jesus said, “I am he,” they drew back and fell to the ground. They drew back and fell to the ground! What happened to make them pull back and fall? They thought they were coming for a meek peasant. But when Jesus said, "I am He", He spoke with authority as the Son of God. This is not what these men were expecting. The soldiers were met with a majestic person. I believe the thoughts that went through their minds were confusing and they probably questioned why there was an order to arrest Jesus. The soldiers carried out their tasks as ordered.

Imagine the scene where they physically fell to the ground after Jesus spoke. Jesus was so full of His Father that it radiated from Him. Evil cannot stand up to the Truth, which is Jesus in human form. Do you know what is wonderful? We are now full of the Holy Spirit and radiant Truth just as Jesus did.

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